UNICLEAN CR Airport High-Pressure Cleaner is a powerful, state-of–the-art cleaner degreaser that combines safety and efficiency to quickly remove dirt, exhaust soot, oils, grease, fuel deposits, hydraulic fluids and a variety of other residues from concrete surfaces.

UNICLEAN CR will get your airport clean and keep it green! UNICLEAN CR Airport High-Pressure Cleaner is specially formulated to be eco-friendly and incredibly efficient. It can help airports meet their ‘Green Mandate’ while still maintaining the cleanliness of the airport. This concentrated, water based, non-hazardous, high pressure cleaner degreaser can be used with both cold and heated high pressure washers.Designed to be a drop-in replacement for traditional toxic solvents, UNICLEAN CR is so ‘green’ and safe that no respirator or hazardous training is required for its use.

UNICLEAN CR can be used as a pre-soak solution prior to steam cleaning and/or directly in proportions of the steam cleaning equipment.


  All Purpose. Aqueous cleaner with maximum versatility &  extra strength.
*Moderate pH. Non-corrosive pH =7.5-8.5.
  Biodegradable. Will break down to a natural state in the  environment.
     Non-Abrasive. Will not scratch or score equipment finish .
   Non-Flammable. Aqueous formulation reduces risk of fire  (see MSDS for details).
  Low VOC Contact. Reduces contributions to ground smog  by volatile organic compounds.


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Petrotech Industries is a leading manufacturer of environmental and user friendly cleaning products. Our products have been developed specifically to meet the range of needs of a diverse industry, including: heavy and light duty machinery and all transportation fields- Aviation, Marine, Terrestrial (cars trains).

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