Mickey Dayan- Founder



Mickey Dayan founded Petrotech together with his brother Avi in 1987 after nearly 20 years’ experience in the US automotive and consumer goods industries.  He continues even today to guide the company with the same long-term vision which matured Petrotech from its infancy.  Combining the desire to provide quality solutions to meet the needs of industries in the land, air and sea, he constantly strives for professional excellence while always taking the environment into account.  Through more than 30 years of hard work Mickey has successfully established the Petrotech brand with an excellent reputation, providing a variety of quality green products to thousands of satisfied loyal customers

About Us

Petrotech Industries is a leading manufacturer of environmental and user friendly cleaning products. Our products have been developed specifically to meet the range of needs of a diverse industry, including: heavy and light duty machinery and all transportation fields- Aviation, Marine, Terrestrial (cars trains).

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