Arie Liba- Leading Chemist

Ariyeh joined the Petrotech family in 2000 and has since served as the company's chief chemist.  He is a chemical engineer by training with more than 35 years’ experience in the development of advanced chemical products. 

Even from his first days in office Ariyeh began to couple the company's vision with his professional knowledge to work on the development of robust and innovative chemical products focusing only on those which help protect the environment.

  UNICLEAN, the breakthrough product line developed by Ariyeh for Petrotech, is held to exacting standards considered among the most stringent in the world.  This product line emphasizes the unique compounds and advanced technology at PetroTech and serves to maintain Petrotech’s position as a global leader in its field.

About Us

Petrotech Industries is a leading manufacturer of environmental and user friendly cleaning products. Our products have been developed specifically to meet the range of needs of a diverse industry, including: heavy and light duty machinery and all transportation fields- Aviation, Marine, Terrestrial (cars trains).

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