Sagiv Meger- CEO

Sagiv Magar joined Petrotech in 2014 with more than 15 years of senior management experience in complex international markets during which time he successfully managed companies with large-scale, intensive and challenging projects.

 Sagiv serves as chairman of the parent company, the Dayan Group, which is engaged in real estate, and among other things, involved in entrepreneurship, importation and nationwide distribution of products for the automotive industry.

 In his previous position, Sagiv served as CEO of a large public real estate company in the Balkans and Czech Republic.  He was responsible for the construction, development and management of dozens of projects and assets whose scale and budgets were in the hundreds of millions of euros.  He also served as VP for a holding company involved in project management in Angola concerning the fields of communications, agriculture, construction, security, and more.  

Sagiv finished his military service with the rank of captain as part of operations in the elite intelligence unit.

About Us

Petrotech Industries is a leading manufacturer of environmental and user friendly cleaning products. Our products have been developed specifically to meet the range of needs of a diverse industry, including: heavy and light duty machinery and all transportation fields- Aviation, Marine, Terrestrial (cars trains).

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