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Petrotech Industries specializes in providing professional, high quality and efficient industrial cleaning.   Through the use of environmentally and user friendly materials, Petrotech Industries services a broad spectrum of needs in industry, including vehicles, trains, ships, roads, aircraft, weapons and more.

With vast knowledge, expertise and rich experience, Petrotech Industries' team of experts understand the best methods to characterize customer needs as the basis for building the proper and most effective solution; a solution providing added value and resulting in full satisfaction.  Working under strict ISO standards with advanced water-based, non-toxic and biodegradable materials, Petrotech Industries is founded on environmental protection.

Petrotech Industries, is a subsidiary of Petrotech Ltd., which was founded in 1987 by brothers Avi and Mickey Dayan.  With 30 years of hard work they have successfully built a reputation as leaders in importing, marketing and manufacturing consumer products and advanced equipment for the automotive industry.  Petrotech is the exclusive representative in Israel of more than 35 international brands, including BG Product Luanch, Kroon Oil, FIAM, Novol, Narva, Global, Robinair, Philips, SK Lubricants, USC and others.
Petrotech is member of the Dayan Group, a family owned corporation controlling a consortium of international companies involved in the real estate, telecommunications, construction, retail, import and automotive industries.
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 Petrotech Industries – Your Green Solutions For Cleaning

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Petrotech Industries is a leading manufacturer of environmental and user friendly cleaning products. Our products have been developed specifically to meet the range of needs of a diverse industry, including: heavy and light duty machinery and all transportation fields- Aviation, Marine, Terrestrial (cars trains).

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